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Zatanna clean render Injustice
Zatanna as she appears in Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Real Name:

Zatanna Zatara




Homo magi




137 lbs (62 kg)






Hawkman #4
(October-November 1964)

Voice Actor

Lacey Chabert

"Prepare to be astounded!"

Zatanna is a playable character in Injustice: Gods Among Us. She is the sixth and final DLC character and costs $4.99 on the PlayStation Store or 400 Microsoft Points, and she's included, along with the other DLC characters as part of the Ultimate Edition. Her official release date was August 13th. She is a Gadget User.


Daughter of John Zatara, Zatanna is a member of the mystic tribe of sorcerers called the Hidden Ones. Now a member of Justice League Dark, Zatanna protects the Earth from various occult threats.

Powers and Abilities

Zatanna possesses the following abilities in Injustice: Gods Among Us according to her bio in the Archives:

  • Escape Artist
  • Illusion Casting
  • Reality Manipulation
  • Unarmed Combat expert
  • Expert magic caster



Zatanna is wearing a magician coat that is black on the outside and red on the inside. Underneath she has on a white button-up shirt. Zatanna wears fishnets on her legs and also has high heel boots. Zatanna's hair is brown and she puts on her classic black hat upon activating her Character Trait.


In Battle

  • "Prepare to be astounded!" - Intro
  • "Magic is as easy as 1...2...3!" - Outro
  • "Believe in magic yet?" - After performing MB Teppup Retsam
  • "That was amazing." - Occasionally after performing a grab on various characters
  • "Meh, you're alright." - Occasionally after performing a grab on various characters
  • "Gotta love magic, huh Bruce?" - Occasionally after performing a grab on Batman
  • "Lighten up, Dark Knight" - Occasionally after performing a grab on Batman
  • "It's not magic." - After winning a round
  • "I love magic." - After winning a round
  • "Never mess with a magical chick." - After winning a round


  • "Think I'll turn you into a newt!" - Clash with any character
  • "Presto! You lose!" - Clash with any character
  • "Wanna see a trick?" - Clash with any character
  • "What a whackjob." - Clash with any character
  • "This lady will saw you in half."- Clash with any character
  • "Thgif siht esol" ("Lose this fight!") - Clash with any character

Defense Wagers

  • "Guess I thought you'd forgive me." - Clash with Batman
  • "Break for smoothies?" - Clash with Batman
  • "Hope you know your blood type." - Clash with The Flash
  • "Calm down Mister!" - Clash with The Flash

Attack Wagers

  • "Not until I say so!" - Clash with Batman
  • "A girl can crush on you." - Clash with Batman
  • "You say the sweetest things." - Clash with Batman
  • "Do you have a cold?" - Clash with The Flash
  • "Ooh, big man." - Clash with The Flash
  • "Little late for that!" - Clash with The Flash


  • Zatanna is voiced by Lacey Chabert, who voiced Zatanna in Young Justice.
  • It was revealed by Ed Boon on Twitter that Zatanna won the unofficial poll, followed closely by Static.
  • Zatanna's facial appearance in Injustice: Gods Among Us bears a great resemblance to her voice actress Lacey Chabert.
  • Zatanna was originally placed on the villain side roster of the Character Select screen. The Injustice Game Patch 1.06 released on October 1, 2013 moved Zatanna to the heroes side roster by having her switch places with Scorpion.
  • Her clash quote, "Think I'll turn you into a newt!" is a reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail (He got better).



  • Zatanna's Fire Kiss Blow
  • "Prepare to be astounded!"
  • Magic is easy as 1..2..3!
  • Zatanna with her magic hat and wand
  • Zatanna's grab performed on Solomon Grundy
  • Zatanna with her wand and hat
  • Meter Burn - "Fire Kiss Blow"
  • Battle Stance
  • "What a wackjob!"
  • Zatanna during her super move


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