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Zatanna clean render Injustice
Zatanna as she appears in Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Real Name:

Zatanna Zatara




Homo magi




137 lbs (62 kg)






Hawkman #4
(October-November 1964)

Voice Actor

Lacey Chabert

"Prepare to be astounded!"

Zatanna is a playable character in Injustice: Gods Among Us. She is the sixth and final DLC character and costs $4.99 on the PlayStation Store or 400 Microsoft Points, and she's included, along with the other DLC characters as part of the Ultimate Edition. Her official release date was August 13th. She is a Gadget User.


Daughter of John Zatara, Zatanna is a member of the mystic tribe of sorcerers called the the Hidden Ones. Now a member of Justice League Dark, Zatanna protects the Earth from various occult threats.

Injustice Comic

Year Two

Sometime before, Zatanna was contacted by Alfred Pennyworth for help in hiding the crippled Bruce Wayne from Superman and his forces. Zatanna then moved both Alfred and Bruce into the Tower of Fate, well outside of any dimension Superman would be able to reach.

In chapter two of Year Two, Bruce awakens and is greeted by Alfred and Zatanna, with the magician explaining where he is and assuring him he is safe. When Bruce attempts to get up, Zatanna uses her magic to put him back to sleep.

In chapter four, Zatanna is present along with Doctor Fate when Bruce regains consciousness just as his cellphone goes off with a call from the President. When Bruce asks if the Tower of Fate gets cellphone reception, the Doctor cryptically replies, "We are in all places and none." before walking away, with Zatanna jokingly explaining, "I think that's Doctor Fate's way of saying, "Yes, it gets cell phone reception"."

After a long absence, Zatanna reappears in chapter sixteen, the day before the war between the resistance and Green Lanterns against Superman's forces and the Sinestro Corps. Zatanna teleports to Oracle's secret base, informing her and Black Canary, "It's time." She then teleports herself and Black Canary back to the Tower of Fate, where she hears the tail-end of Batman and Catwoman's argument over how Batman knocked her unconscious instead of accepting her help against Superman.

"She gets to hold that against you forever." Zatanna tells the Dark Knight with a smirk as she adjusts her hat. Batman then asks her if she could help heal his back faster, and while Zatanna says she could, she informs Bruce that if something were to happen to her that would cause her to lose focus or something else caused her to break the spell, Bruce would find himself "Bat-floored".

Zatanna is present as Batman delivers a speech concerning the imminent war against Superman, before she teleports Alfred, Catwoman and Black Canary, who gives Zatanna her newborn son Connor to protect, to the Batcave. Batman then tells Zatanna not to get involved if something 'unthinkable' happens, saying they will need her for 'Plan B', before telling her to teleport him to Oracle. Though Zatanna reminds him that their friends think he's staying in the Tower of Fate where he's safe, Batman insists he has to make sure Superman goes down.

Though not witnessed, Zatanna teleports Batman to Oracle.

Zatanna's final appearance in Year Two is a brief scene in chapter twenty-four, standing close to Doctor Fate while holding the infant Connor Lance in her arms.

Year Three

Zatanna returns in the first chapter of Injustice Year Three. Zatanna is present alongside Doctor Fate in the Tower of Fate when the doctor alerts Zatanna that something is coming. Zatanna is shocked, thinking it it impossible for something to reach them while they are outside of time and space. Doctor Fate tells her to be ready as he prepares some spells while Zatanna hesitantly approaches the tower's doors as something raps on them.

When Zatanna opens the doors, she is shocked to see John Constantine and a young girl standing outside in oblivion, the British mage greeting a shocked Zatanna before asking to be let inside, citing that oblivion is 'chilly'.

Sometime later, Zatanna is shocked to learn that the girl is John's daughter, Rose, and Constantine requests for her to watch Rose for a bit. When Zatanna asks why and where John is going, Constantine explains that something was observing him in Liverpool, with Fate confirming this as well, both sorcerers having felt a powerful presence. Constantine then asks Zatanna to send him to someone, and when Zatanna asks who, Constantine replies that she already knows who.

Zatanna tells Constantine, "He's hiding. After everything that's happened..." as well as telling Constantine, "He doesn't like you." After Constantine pleads with Zatanna, she agrees to send him to see the greatest detective in the world.

In the second chapter of Year Three, Zatanna is in contact with Batman as the Dark Knight questions her on whether or not Constantine is coming to their meeting spot. From the Tower of Fate, Zatanna reassures Batman that he will, though admits that Constantine isn't known for being punctual.

In the third chapter, Zatanna gets Harley Quinn from the Flash's cell, informing her that it's time for them to go. Zatanna then teleports them both to the home of Jason Blood, where Harley first sees John Constantine. Zatanna warns Harley that Constantine is dangerous, though this just intrigues her more. Zatanna is silent throughout the Insurgency's meeting until the Spectre suddenly attacks, resulting in Jason Blood and Harvey Bullock's deaths.

In the next chapter, Zatanna casts a protection spell to fend of the Spectre's assault, though her power is barely enough to keep the Spirit of Vengeance back and she cannot teleport the group away and maintain her protection spell at the same time. Batman decides to confront the Spectre himself and orders Zatanna to teleport the group away when she feels the spirit cease his attack. Zatanna does as the Dark Knight orders, and teleports the group back to the Tower of Fate but not before promising both Klarion the Witch Boy and Catwoman that she would save Teekl and Batman.

Zatanna then teleports next to Batman as the Dark Knight is held in the grip of the Spectre, snatching Teekl by his neck and grabbing Bruce by his shoulder before teleporting them back to the Tower as well.

In chapter five, Zatanna works alongside Harley Quinn and Alfred to keep Detective Chimp alive from his injuries received from the Spectre, with Zatanna revealing her magic is the only reason the chimp's heart is even still beating. Zatanna is quiet when Rose Constantine wanders down and Doctor Fate arrives to usher her away after a heated exchange with Harley Quinn.

Powers and Abilities

Zatanna possesses the following abilities in Injustice: Gods Among Us according to her bio in the Archives:

  • Escape Artist
  • Illusion Casting
  • Reality Manipulation
  • Unarmed Combat expert
  • Expert magic caster

Special Moves

  • Erif Ssik (Fire Kiss): Erif Ssik is a flaming kiss that burns any opponent close enough to feel it's heat. The Meter Burn version creates a massive ball of mystical flame that travels forward for short time. Pressing back plus Meter Burn quickly after doing the attack's input, creates a massive ball of mystical flame that travels slowly forward for a short time. Pressing forward plus Meter Burn quickly after doing the attack's input, creates a massive ball of mystical flame that travels quickly forward for a short time.
  • Gniknil Sgnir (Linking Rings): Gniknil Sgnir hurls a ring of metal encased in mystical energy that travels full screen. Pressing up quickly after doing the attack's input, hurls a ring of metal encased in mystical energy that travels upward. Pressing down quickly after doing the attack's input, hurls a ring of metal encased in mystical energy that travels downward. The Meter Burn version links multiple rings into a single, damaging projectile.
  • Tropelet Ni Tnorf (Teleport In Front): Tropelet Ni Tnorf teleports Zatanna in front of her opponent. Pressing forward quickly after doing the attack's input, teleports Zatanna behind her opponent. Pressing back quickly after doing the attack's input, teleports Zatanna away from her opponent. Pressing down quickly after doing the attack's input, attempts to confuse opponents by disappearing and reappearing in place. The Meter Burn version allows Zatanna to recover faster when coming out of her teleport.
  • (Air) Arataz Evid (Zatara Dive): The Arataz Evid is a dive kick that hits up to 3 times. The Meter Burn version brings Zatanna to the ground earlier allowing for a follow-up attack or combo.
  • Itlum Kcik (Multi Kick): Itlum Kcik sends Zatanna towards her opponent with a flurry of kicks. The Meter Burn version preforms additional, rapid-fire kicks that launch the opponent.
  • Teppup Retsam (Puppet Master): Zatanna casts a potent spell on her opponent, reversing their controls for a short period of time. The Meter Burn takes control of the opponent's body and walks them harmlessly towards Zatanna.
  • Ekoms Dna Srorrim (Smoke And Mirrors): Ekoms Dna Srorrim is a spell that slits Zatanna into multiple versions of herself, forcing the opponent to guess which clone is real. Zatanna becomes the center clone during Ekoms Dna Srorrim. Pressing forward quickly after doing the attack's input, makes Zatanna become the front clone during Ekoms Dna Srorrim. Pressing back quickly after doing the attack's input, makes Zatanna become the back clone during Ekoms Dna Srorrim.
  • Etativel (Levitate): Etativel stops Zatanna in place while jumping allowing her to hover for a short duration. Zatanna can preform Tropelet Ni Tnorf, Tropelet Dniheb, or Tropelet Tnief while hovering.
  • Ytfif Owt Pukcip (Fifty Two Pickup): Ytfif Owt Pukcip launches an entire deck of cards at the opponent for a medium range attack.

Sargon's Hat Stance Specials

  • Thgiarts Cigam (Straight Magic): Thgiarts Cigam unleashes a straight blast of magical energy that travels the length of the arena.
  • Drawpu Cigam (Upward Magic): Drawpu Cigam unleashes a blast of magic upwards that is useful to strike down airborne opponents.
  • Dnuorg Cigam (Ground Magic): Dnuorg Cigam unleashes a blast of magic that travels across the floor.
  • Cigam Rallip (Magic Pillar): Cigam Rallip is a spell that creates a rising pillar of magic that erupts from under the opponent, blasting them in the air.
  • Brosba (Absorb): Brosba creates a magical portal capable of absorbing her opponent's projectile attacks.
  • Gninthgil Dor (Lightning Rod): Gninthgil Dor is a powerful incantation that encases Zatanna in a field of pure electricity, blasting back her opponent.

Other Moves

  • Grab: Zatanna grabs her opponent, and makes a big metal ring appear above them, and drops it down on them. The ring makes them disappear, and Zatanna makes them reappear in the air, making them fall helplessly to the ground.


Intro: Zatanna's hat is seen lying on the ground, and magically floats up into the air. Zatanna comes out of the hat and says, "Prepare to be astounded!" She then throws her hat and enters her battle stance.

Outro: Zatanna does a pose and faces the camera saying "Magic is as easy as 1, 2, 3!" As she's counting down, she takes her hat off, rolls it down her arm, and then poofs away back into the hat, leaving just the hat on the ground.


Character Trait

Sargon's Hat Stance: Zatanna puts on her hat and takes out her wand, completely changing her fighting style. This has a limited duration and is cancelled when damage is taken or the time runs out. Also, Zatanna cannot jump, dash, crouch, or block while this is in effect but meter is built up really fast. Zatanna gains access to some normals and new special moves in this stance:

Basic Attacks:

  • Wand Slap
  • Rising Wand
  • Wand Slam

Special Moves:

  • Thgiarts Cigam (Straight Magic)
  • Drawpu Cigam (Upward Magic)
  • Dnuorg Cigam (Ground Magic)
  • Cigam Rallip (Magic Pillar)
  • Brosba (Absorb)
  • Gninthgil Dor (Lightning Rod)

Move List

Basic Attacks:

  • Backhand
  • Palm Strike
  • Foreward Strike
  • Spinning Sweep
  • Downward Smack
  • Double Lunge
  • Focus Push
  • Heel Flip
  • Low Smack
  • Sleight of Hand
  • Trip Trick
  • Flying Boot
  • Jumping Slap
  • Air Hex
  • Forward/Reverse Throw

Combo Attacks:

  • Obsidian Age
  • Skilled Illusionist
  • Hocus Pocus
  • Ace of Clubs
  • Night Chill
  • Book of Magic
  • Lost Father
  • Hidden Secrets
  • Shadowcrest
  • Magic Show
  • Counter Spell
  • Hidden Ones
  • Sentinel of Magic

Special Moves:

  • Erif Ssik (Fire Kiss)
  • Gniknil Sgnir (Linking Rings)
  • Tropelet Ni Tnorf (Teleport In Front)
  • Tropelet Dniheb (Teleport Behind)
  • Tropelet Yawa (Teleport Away)
  • Tropelet Tnief (Teleport Feint)
  • Arataz Evid (Zatara Dive)
  • Itlum Kcik (Multi Kick)
  • Teppup Retsam (Puppet Master)
  • Ekoms Dna Srorrim (Smoke And Mirrors)
  • Etativel (Levitate)
  • Ytfif Owt Pukcip (Fifty Two Pickup)

Super Move

Injustice Gods Among Us - Zatanna's Super Move HD00:17

Injustice Gods Among Us - Zatanna's Super Move HD

Avrah KaDabra: Zatanna pulls out her wand and casts a spell that surrounds her opponent in a dark blue vortex and lifts him/her into the air. Zatanna then flies up to the opponent and creates a glowing ankh, (using magical hand movement[s]), casts magical energy from the glowing ankh, then the magic energy traps him/her in a golden glowing, diamond-shaped prison. She says an enchantment, flips the prison upside down and sends it hurling toward the ground.


Injustice Gods Among Us - Zatanna Ending00:49

Injustice Gods Among Us - Zatanna Ending

The defeat of Superman was a relief to Zatanna. During the Regime she and Doctor Fate had taken advantage of Superman's vulnerability to magic and turned the Tower of Fate into a sanctuary for Superman's enemies. She had saved many lives, but years of subterfuge weighed heavily upon her. After the Regime's downfall, Zatanna was instrumental in restraining meta-humans during their trials, but when a jury recommended the death penalty for the more immutable defendants, Zatanna intervened. She took the prisoners to the Tower of Fate. There they would remain-incarcerated, but alive.


In Battle

  • "Prepare to be astounded!" - Intro
  • "Magic is as easy as 1...2...3!" - Outro
  • "Believe in magic yet?" - After performing MB Teppup Retsam
  • "That is amazing." - Occasionally after performing a grab on various characters
  • "Meh, you're alright." - Occasionally after performing a grab on various characters
  • "Gotta love magic, huh Bruce?" - Occasionally after performing a grab on Batman
  • "It's not magic." - After winning a round
  • "I love magic." - After winning a round
  • "Never mess with a magical chick." - After winning a round


  • "Think I'll turn you into a newt!" - Clash with any character
  • "Presto! You lose!" - Clash with any character
  • "Wanna see a trick?" - Clash with any character
  • "What a whackjob." - Clash with any character
  • "This lady will saw you in half."- Clash with any character
  • "Thgif siht esol" ("Lose this fight!") - Clash with any character

Defense Wagers

  • "Guess I thought you'd forgive me." - Clash with Batman
  • "Break for smoothies?" - Clash with Batman
  • "Hope you know your blood type." - Clash with The Flash
  • "Calm down Mister!" - Clash with The Flash

Attack Wagers

  • "Not until I say so!" - Clash with Batman
  • "A girl can crush on you." - Clash with Batman
  • "You say the sweetest things." - Clash with Batman
  • "Do you have a cold?" - Clash with The Flash
  • "Ooh, big man." - Clash with The Flash
  • "Little late for that!" - Clash with The Flash


Zatanna is wearing a magician coat that is black on the outside and red on the inside. Underneath she has on a white button-up shirt. Zatanna wears fishnets on her legs and also has high heel boots. Zatanna's hair is brown and she puts on her classic black hat upon activating her Character Trait.


  • Zatanna is voiced by Lacey Chabert, who voiced Zatanna in Young Justice.
  • It was revealed by Ed Boon on Twitter that Zatanna won the unofficial poll, followed closely by Static.
  • Zatanna's facial appearance in Injustice: Gods Among Us bears a great resemblance to her voice actress Lacey Chabert.
  • Zatanna was originally placed on the villain side roster of the Character Select screen. The Injustice Game Patch 1.06 released on October 1, 2013 moved Zatanna to the heroes side roster by having her switch places with Scorpion.
  • Her clash quote, "Think I'll turn you into a newt!" is a reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail (He got better).



  • Zatanna's Fire Kiss Blow
  • "Prepare to be astounded!"
  • Magic is easy as 1..2..3!
  • Zatanna with her magic hat and wand
  • Zatanna's grab performed on Solomon Grundy
  • Zatanna with her wand and hat
  • Meter Burn - "Fire Kiss Blow"
  • Battle Stance
  • "What a wackjob!"
  • Zatanna during her super move


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