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Real Name:

Jonathan Crane






140 lbs (64kg)






World's Finest #3 (1941)

The Scarecrow is a cameo character in Injustice: Gods Among Us.


Scarecrow is a brilliant psychologist turned super-villain who fights Batman in Gotham City, specializing in techniques and chemicals that manipulate fear. Jonathan Crane was originally a well-respected professor, although he lost credibility when he obsessively took his experiments too far and descended into madness, becoming obsessed with spreading and expierencing fear as the Scarecrow.

Injustice Comic

Scarecrow's body is found in S.T.A.R. Labs by the Flash, his face twisted into a smile, a tell-tale sign of poisoning by the Joker's laughing toxin. Joker would use Scarecrow's fear toxin laced with kryptonite to make Superman see his wife Lois as Doomsday, causing the Man of Steel to accidently murder her and seal Metropolis's fate.

Role in Injustice

Scarecrow appears in the Arkham Asylum stage as a transition hazard appearing in cell A8. He injects the player/opponent with his fear toxins, and takes a massive appearance, beats up the player/opponent before sending him/her into the Asylum Kitchen/Theatre.

Scarecrow also appears in one of the S.T.A.R. Labs Missions belonging to Batman, he escapes Arkham Asylum and later takes control of Raven and gets her to fight Batman. As well as in the background of Nightwing's S.T.A.R. Labs Mission, Look Out, where he is tied up, struggling to get out.

Powers and Abilities

  • Genius in chemistry and pyschology
  • Intimidation
  • Master of self-taught style of martial arts


The Scarecrow wears raggedy brown garbs over his chest and stitched brown pants, a hangman's noose over his neck, with his mask having both a hood over it and needle like stitching in it, with gas filters on both sides of his mouth. On his right hand he wears a customized glove with several syringes attatched to them connected to a tube filled with his fear toxin.


  • Scarecrow appears differently in the comic than he does in the game, most likely due to the fact he was not revealed as a stage transition character until some time after his initial appearance in the comic.


  • Scarecrow Injecting The Joker with fear toxins
  • SMASH!!!
  • Scarecrow found killed by Joker Toxins.

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