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The IOS version which was released on April 3, 2013, is a free-to-play game with buyable upgrades, such as Power Credits and Energy Cards. Recent updates have included DLC Characters such as The Red Son Pack (with Superman, Wonder Woman and Solomon Grundy) and the Man of Steel pack (it contains an exclusive Superman and Zod, availabe for a limited time only).

There also exists a Challenge Mode, which allows players to get exclusive Gold Character Cards by beating many battles within a certain time period.

The following characters can be claimed (that are confirmed) from Challenge Mode: Batgirl, Zod, Red Son Deathstroke, Regime Raven, Regime Aquaman, Blackest Night Batman, Hawkgirl, Elseworld Flash and Martian Manhunter, John Stewart Green Lantern, Mortal Kombat Scorpion, 600 Wonder Woman, Containment Doomsday, Boss Solomon Grundy, and Darkseid.


Injustice for the iOS features different gameplay than it does on its console version, resembling more of a card battle game rather than it's "fight-style" console counterpart. Players collect characters in the form of cards and use them on 3v3 battles to defeat their opponents.

The player starts with three random Bronze characters at the beginning of the game, and can get more characters by completing specific battles, buying them from the shop, or earning them as rewards from the Challenge Mode. Every character can level up to Level 40, and buying more copies of characters allows you to promote them, from Elite I-V; every "Elite" on the character has bonuses towards Damage and Health. Character cards come in three rarities; Bronze, Silver and Gold. The higher the rarity, the better base stats come with the character. Each character has a "Passive Ability" which grants them a boost in gameplay for themselves or for the whole of the team. (For example: Superman Regime gains 50% more damage for 6 seconds at 40% health). They also have two Special Attacks which are unlocked at Levels 1 and 5 respectively. The higher the Special Attack, the more powerful it is. The first two Special Attacks can deal Special Effects such as Poison, Bleeding, Frozen, or Stun the opponent. The level 20 attack is a Super Move which is a High-Damaging UNBLOCKABLE Attack.

Each battle has a requirement of "Energy" to use before a battle starts, as many as 1-3 Energy may be used for battles. Each character has 10 Energy slots that recharge over time. If a character lacks the energy to participate in a battle, the player must wait until it is recharged or use an Energy Consumable, which can be rewarded from matches or as daily rewards. Energy can also accumulate faster for cards with the purchase of a "Support Card" for each character found in the shop or from "Booster Packs". Cards that boost Health and Damage can be found as well.

Challenge Mode

The Challenge Mode is a event that happens usually twice a month, that may last for 10-17 days. It consists of 63 battles within five certain "Sub-Challenge Stages". Each of the five challenges has a certain requirement in order to beat them or even partake in them. One example is that one of the parts of the challenge may require the player to have Bane on their team, which includes Bane, Regime Bane, or Knightfall Bane.

The battles within the challenge mode have an Energy Cost and an extra cost known as "Challenge Tokens". Tokens are won by doing ladders outside the challenge mode in quantities of 1, 2, and rarely 3. Every time a challenge starts, 25 tokens are awarded to the player to get started. Without any losses, a total of 63 tokens is required to beat the challenge mode completely. Tokens can also be bought from the shop in quantities of 3 or 20. Tokens disappear from the player when Challenge Mode ends. When a Challenge Mode is completed, a "Gold" character will be awarded to the player. Other rewards include a free Bronze booster pack, 15,000 Power Credits and a Silver booster pack. Once Challenge Mode is completed, the player may buy the same character again to promote them. If the player has not completed it, they will not find them there. As of yet, challenge mode characters cannot be found in booster packs.

In the 1.7 Update, Challenge Mode will be repeatable up to three times if eligible. This is ONLY from Elseworld Flash onwards. For example, the challenge with Elseworld Flash will be repeatable so that's it possible to claim the prizes three times. However, with each repeat, the challenge mode gets significantly tougher; the difficulty starts from Normal, then to Expert difficulty and finally Nightmare difficulty. The same mechanic of completing the challenges one by one to get pieces for prizes will still apply. In higher difficulties, players may be rewarded with character cards of bronze or silver rarity, or very rarely gold. In the Expert difficulty, it takes 2 Challenge Credits in every battle and in Nightmare difficulty it takes 3 Challenge Credits per battle up from the original one required. Therefore, it'll take 63, 126, and 189 (a grand total of 378 credits) to complete the Challenge mode fully.

The 1.8 Update added Batgirl back as a repeatable challenge. There might be a possibility that old challenges such as Zod and Red Son Deathstroke will also be making a return in this way.


These characters were rewards from previous (or ongoing) challenge modes.

Batgirl was brought back from NetherRealm due to customer feedback. It is unknown if this will apply to old challenge characters as well.


Passive Ability Damage  Health Cost Availability
Batgirl Tactical Advantage: Batgirl and her team start with one bar of Power. 850 1000 192,000 Closed *
Zod Phantom Zone Survivor: Zod gains 20% more Health and Damage for each character on his team that has been knocked out. 800 1200 220,000 Closed
Red Son Deathstroke Red Son Speed: Deathstroke and his teammates gain 5% Speed for each Red Son character on his team. 950 900 192,000 Closed
Regime Raven Demon Stance: Once per match, when Raven is at 40% Health or less, her Basic Attacks Drain Power from her opponent for 6 seconds. 950 950 201,000 Closed
Regime Aquaman Watery Grave: Aquaman's Super Move Drains Power from his opponents team. 800 1050 192,000 Closed
Blackest Night Batman Night Strength: Batman gains 20% Damage between midnight and sunrise. 1000 800 182,000 Closed
Hawkgirl Air Support: Hawkgirl and her team tag in quicker (2 second faster cool down). 900 950 192,000 Closed

Elseworld Flash

Bullet Time: Once per match, when The Flash is at 30% Health or less, his opponent is slowed for 7 seconds.
750 750 133,000 Closed
Martian Manhunter

Telepathic Attack: Martian Manhunter's basic attack combo has a chance of a telepathic attack, which causes random effects on his opponent.

750 1200 211,000 Closed
Scorpion** Fire and Blood: Scorpion's heavy (swipe) attacks deal unblockable BLEED damage over 2 seconds, and his special attacks deal unblockable FIRE damage over 6 seconds.^ 950^ 850 182,000^ Closed
John Stewart Green Lantern Emergency Barrier: When Green Lantern or a teammate reaches 20% health, a barrier appears making that character invulnerable for 4 seconds. This can occur once per character, per match. 950 750 165,000 Closed
Darkseid Empower minions: ALL BRONZE characters on darkseid gain +300% HEALTH and DAMAGE. 1,050 1,200 274,000 Closed

  • A * denotes the card has been available as a challenge twice for a specifying reason
  • A ** denotes that this card was changed in terms of ability, damage, and cost.
  • A ^ means Scorpion's damage stat was increased to 950 from 750, and his ability did blockable BLEEDS and FIRE damage over 6 and 12 seconds, but were weaker in terms of damage.



Harley Quinn


Green Arrow

Lex Luthor


Green Lantern

The Flash

Solomon Grundy




The Joker

Wonder Woman


Black Adam









Martian Manhunter


Support Cards

The Flash

Nightwing Batman Cyborg Green Arrow


Raven Wonder Woman

Green Lantern

The Joker Harley Quinn Solomon Grundy Lex Luthor Catwoman Deathstroke Doomsday Sinestro Black Adam Bane Lobo Zod

All Characters


  • Power Surge = Both you and your opponents team has a increased Power Gain.
  • Mini Boss = A Mini-Boss waits for you at the end of the battle (Varies).
  • Boss = 1 Powered Up fighter against your team with Damage and Health Boosts, and Random Special Attacks.
  • Random Enemies = You will not know what the enemies are until you enter the fight.
  • Dampening Field = Your team generates Power at a decreased rate.
  • Regeneration = Your opponents team regenerates Health.
  • Radiation = Your team will constantly lose Health.
  • Chaos = You have no control over when your team tags in and out.
  • Countdown = You have limited time to defeat your opponents team.


  • The Martian Manhunter support card was renamed J'onn J'onzz, leading to the belief that Martian Manhunter will be a future character card. Martian Manhunter became available as a character card for a limited time through the challenge mode; whether this influenced the name change of the support card is unknown.

Patch Updates

  • 1.8: Added four new challenge characters according to the hints given, such as Darkseid, Boss Solomon Grundy, 600 Wonder Woman, and Containment Doomsday and various bug fixes. Scorpion's iOS Card was also boosted in terms of overall damage and cost.
  • 1.7: Added repeatable challenges, allowing challenge characters to be won repeatedly up to three times. The Man of Steel pack featuring alternate versions of Superman and Zod were added.
  • 1.6: Added the Alliance Credits system.

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